Activities and events in Hämeenlinna - Aulanko

Hämeenlinna is a traditional and vibrant educational and cultural town at the junction of nationally important rail, road and waterway network.

Hämeenlinna presents the ideal combination of nature and culture. Already 371 years old, the city is full of historical sights and surrounded by beautiful nature reserves. The city's landmark is its medieval red brick castle and Hämeenlinna is also famous for its unique Aulanko Park and as the birthplace of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius.

The history of Aulanko is part of the Finnish history. Aulanko has an interesting background and Hämeenlinna is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Häme Castle is situated opposite Aulanko. There are plenty of possibilities to explore the nature in Aulanko!

Today, Hämeenlinna enjoys a vibrant commercial and artistic life. Amongst its best-known output are beautiful and valuable design products. A stroll down Raatihuoneenkatu street sampling the city's sights, restaurants and boutiques, will give the visitor a first taste of this historical city.

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Activities at the hotel and nearby

Bowling and glow bowling (6 lanes)
Aulanko Areena's sports facilities
4 outdoor tennis courts
2 golf courses beside the hotel, 6 within easy reach Aulanko Golf - 9 and 18 hole courses
Lighted ski tracks and jogging path
Aulanko Park
Riding stables
Boating trips
Adventure programs
Kalpalinna Ski 17 km

Skiing and snowboarding

Kalpalinna Calpis Ski Center
Kalpalinnantie, 14200 Turenki
Tel. 03 688 1484

Other activities

Golf, horseback riding, canoeing and relaxing excercising have always been part of Aulanko. Aulanko Arena offers great excercising possibilities through the year.