Spa hotel Cumulus Resort Siuntio

Spa hotel Cumulus Resort Siuntio is located amidst nature less than an hour’s drive from Helsinki. The idyllic cultural scenery of Siuntio, characterized by large farming areas and the Siuntionjoki river that runs through them, offers a fabulous environment for enjoying the diverse exercise and wellness services at the Siuntio Spa and the treatments at the Day Spa. The restaurant in the spa offers treats in the form of both food and entertainment. Cumulus Resort Siuntio is an enjoyable experience both for those looking for activities and those who seek peaceful relaxation.

For nature lovers, Siuntio with its nature park, cycling paths, lean-tos and nearby birdwatching tower is a perfect holiday venue. In the winter, the Cumulus Resort Siuntio is an excellent base for things like skiing trips or tour skating.

The hotel offers a variety of conference and party services that are always expertly customized for the customer’s needs. The party spaces can accommodate up to 250 people.